Opening Your Sacred Heart

A 5 Day Experience of Deeper Self-Compassion

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Can you imagine a time when you loved all parts of yourself unconditionally?

It may be hard to conjure an image now that you’re an adult, but when you were a child and before familial and social conditioning taught you otherwise, you loved every part of yourself.

You lived in the moment, fully present

When you were sad, you expressed sadness

When you were joyful, you expressed joy

You were in complete integrity with your inner and outer worlds

Even if you can’t access the memories, you can still ignite those feelings of wholeness.

Because they live inside your beautiful, sacred heart. That inner child’s presence still resides there, deep inside and has never left.

During the next 5 days, you will connect deeply with your self-compassion.

And, this short 5-day course is truly the easiest, most graceful and simple way to do this work. You will only have to spend 10 minutes per day to do the homework for this course. You can do it anytime of the day, from anywhere!

All you need is access to the internet to download your assignments, pen, and paper for journaling … and 10 minutes to yourself to nourish your soul with self-compassion. Easy, yes?!

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Here’s what you can expect each day of the course:

You will receive a powerful mantra that will help you begin to reprogram any feelings of harshness towards yourself.

Powerful sound healing techniques used during a guided meditation gently awakens your sacred heart, allowing it to be more open and energetically radiant.

Journal about using your mantra during the day to shift your focus to self-compassion. Observe your inner dialog as you face your daily challenges and improve your awareness of kindness and compassion.

Day 1: Developing A Personal Practice of Soothing Self-Compassion

Learn to soothe yourself through those difficult moments when you need compassion the most. Build habits that help you recover from stressful experiences quickly by restoring your positive feelings of peace, calm and comfort.

Day 2: Finding Your Inner Voice of Self-Compassion

Develop an ongoing practice to replace your mean inner critic with your compassionate, spiritual wisdom from the voice of your sacred heart. You will experience positive, loving inspiration and encouragement.

Day 3: Getting in Touch with Your Self-Compassion

Explore and re-engage with your self-compassion. This will help you reconnect with those parts of yourself that are calling for deeper understanding, compassion, and healing.

Day 4: Opening Your Compassionate Heart

Practice opening your heart to embrace a higher level of self-loving. You will become focused and aware, finding new opportunities to bring compassion in your world.

Day 5: Connecting With Your Inner Divine Child

Experience greater awareness of the part of you that always loves YOU unconditionally: your inner Divine Child. You will awaken self-compassion and feel more whole and integrated.

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The Benefits of Doing This Course:

After doing this course you will feel less stress, more radiant and energetic … and much more joyful, even if the people and world around you are draining and disempowering.

You will empower yourself

You will develop your sense of self-value

You will be more positive

You will feel light-hearted

You will express greater compassion for yourself and others

All this in a simple, ease and grace filled five day practice.

How This Course Works:

To participate in my new e-course Opening Your Sacred Heart: A 5 Day Experience of Deeper Self-Compassion, just register below and submit it.

I will send a confirmation email and then five consecutive, brief daily emails with your course materials enclosed.

I’ve made it as simple and easy as possible for you to experience a new normal in self-love and compassion.

This material is based on my 20+ years of work as a healer, mentor, and teacher. I loved every minute of creating this free five-day course on Self-Compassion.

I designed it especially for anyone who feels like they are too busy and overwhelmed to do soul improvement courses, and at the same time want more ease, grace, joy and high vibrational energy in their lives.


You can do this! And I’m with you each step of the way over the five days…

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