Do you have the passion to become an Ambassador of Love and Light?

In the middle of a meditation inspiration came to me that blossomed and warmed my heart.

I would truly enjoy more time connecting heart to heart with you.

My clients that go through phenomenal life changing growth work with me on a consistent basis for an extended period that allows them to make deep, lasting life changes.

Their secret is simple: they receive my consistent and ongoing support to stay on the path of love and light.

My goal is to bring you a practical way to access Spiritual Growth and Divine Discovery in a way that is easy, engaging and meets your needs.

I felt inspired to find a way for us to connect regularly, no matter our locations and time differences, or how busy our lives can get … and my guides sent me a wonderfully inspired idea:

A virtual space where we can meet face-to-face twice per month, where I can help you make the shifts required for your soul’s ascension in real time. We’ll meet over Video Conferencing and all live sessions will be recorded for your convenience.

You’ll get personal support from me consistently, twice a month during webinars where we can connect LIVE. I’ll be on hand to answer questions, and to channel guidance and inspiration from the angels and ascended masters. I will include invocations, prayers, activations and guided practices of Divine Awakening in each webinar. A replay will be provided for your convenience.

1 Monthly Energy Reading – Divinity Emerging Reading to update you with information about the cosmic energy shifts for the month. I share guidance from angels and ascended masters to support evolutionary energy shifts impacting the changes that you are navigating, feeling and integrating.

1 Monthly– Light Language Activation that offers monthly support for the cosmic energy shifts impacting you. Light Language works dynamically to activate multidimensional light codes, sacred geometry codes and healing codes at the soul level. It will assist you in feeling more balanced as you experience transformation in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies with more ease and grace. The multidimensional impact of Light Language deepens each time you listen.

I’ve decided to call this new space

The Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group.

You’ll receive guidance for your personal journey of inner discovery, expanding your consciousness, igniting your compassionate loving heart and transforming the light of your soul.

You will gain more clarity as you grow to new levels of embracing your inner truth and the extraordinary of light your infinite “I AM”.

By working together regularly twice per month, over video conferencing, I can gracefully help you ease the “ascension symptoms” that can feel uncomfortable and be challenging.

Ascension symptoms can be painful and overwhelming if you don’t have access to the support you need.

Experiencing feelings of deep grief, hopelessness, sadness, stuckness, fear or your are suffering with some aspectic of change these are just signs that you are in a phase of exponential growth!

You don’t have to struggle through your ascension alone. In fact, what I’ve learned is that you don’t need to struggle at all!

Rather, allow me to help you be aware of the root of these symptoms so you can move through them quickly with a smile in your heart.

And, all of our live sessions will be recorded for your convenience.The replays will be posted for you in the group online membership hub for you to access 24/7.

I’m over the moon to offer this opportunity to work with me every month!

It’s affordable and effective.

More importantly, this work we’ll do together is POWERFUL.

The most profound thing you’ll ever do in your life is to awaken to your Divine Soul Purpose.

The second most profound thing, and often the most challenging, is to nurture and sustain your awakened Divine Soul Purpose!

The Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group will help you:

Discover ease of as you align with your Soul Purpose

Shine your light to the world

Trust your intuition

Connect with your Divine source of wisdom and love consistently

Blaze through “ascension symptoms” with much more ease and grace

Here’s a quick summary of all the features you’ll get when you join:

  1. Two monthly LIVE sessions with me over video conferencing.
  2. Replays of the live sessions that you can access 24/7.
  3. One monthly energy reading where I share guidance from the higher realms.
  4. One monthly Light Language Activation to help you integrate as you move upwards in your soul’s ascension.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to personally work with meconsistently,join the Ambassadors of Love and Light Discovery Group for $199.00 per month.

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